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The Fanáticos Criptos Its main objective is to revolutionize the world of cryptocurrencies.

An idea

Our proposal is quite innovative, covering not only one asset or means of payment, but also ensuring the economic productivity of the project so that both users and investors make good investments and profit without leaving Fanáticos Criptos.

A goal

Reaching the edge of a completely stable marketing and e-commerce crypt platform with real stability under self-valuation of their own crypto, thus generating growth and profit for investors and users of our platforms and services.

Several Achievements

With the expansion of enterprises we want to create jobs in the area of cryptos, finance and others. Supporting new ideas in this world as well as benefiting people with lectures, courses, and other cryptocurrency services, joining new investment opportunities.


Our Network of Sites and Platforms covers a large number of services and products that can bring your brand or product to the top of the categories, check out some of our most contracted services below.

Cryptocurrency Listing

We list cryptocurrencies in our exchange, guaranteed transactions and actual trading volume.

Pre-Sale of Icos

Looking for where to leverage your ico presale, we provide the space and you launch your project.

Your currency as Market

Make your asset a pair of crypto transactions, much more yield and volume for your cryptocurrency.

Web Designer

With us your brand will be complete, with a web designer service and animated videos.

Banner Advertising

We spread banners of customers and partners throughout our business network, Your brand 100% seen and accessed.

Vignettes on our radio

Our customers and partners with space in our 24h programming with specialized speakers of various niches.

Airdrops in our Groups

We develop actions / tasks so that our users know the brands and products of our customers and get free gifts for it.

Videos on our Channel

We produce unique Videos of your brand or product with functionality and complete product or brand description and lots of information.

Seo and Alexa Enhancement

We assist our Clients and Partners in improving SEO and Alexa, increasing access traffic and more.

Download our Android Apps now

With the growth of our community and the large number of users who use our services through mobile devices, the need has come to create an app. So after a little technical research on which platform was most accessed our services, we found it practical to create the android application. Already exceeded the number and 600 users.

We have a wide variety of applications geared towards the world of cryptocurrencies, designed specifically to make it easy for our customers and users to work on the environment of our sites and platforms. Check out our Developer Store page below

Our apps are all extensions of all our current and future services. An easy and simple designer to be used by both users and our customers.

Innovation is one of the greatest qualities that Fanatics Crypts has. We follow the trends and go far beyond bringing to the mobile market something never seen before.

Check out all versions of our apps, cryptographic tools to help you in everyday life, entertaining apps for those who just want to enjoy our radio or apps for those who want to profit from crypto.

Play Store Developer

Progress of Our Enterprises

Our endeavors follow a constant-growing timeline, following a technological development where we always seek improvements and version enhancements. Check the progress of each one below.

Fanáticos Criptos

Corporate Evolution Updates72%

Fanáticos Criptos Exchange

Environment Development and Designer81%

Fanáticos Criptos FM

Complete + Structural Updates, Designer and Programming100%

Fanáticos Criptos Faucet

Complete + Structural and Designer Updates100%

Fanáticos Cash

Test phase61%

Fanáticos Active

Environment Development55%

Fanáticos Criptos Stake


Fanáticos Criptos Miner


Fanáticos Criptos Market



Our success statistics are steadily growing, below you can check our latest reports.


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Meet the Team of Founders and Directors who brought this project to life.

Jefferson Winicius

Founder and Chief Financial Officer

Jonatha Abdala

Commercial Director

Leandro Andrade

Technology Director

Francis Santana

Blockchain Developer SperoCoin Partner

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